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CARIS Software User of the Month

This month's featured CARIS user is Annie-Pier Trottier – LGM, Université Laval

Annie-Pier is a PhD. student in marine geosciences at Université Laval in Quebec City, currently investigating the sedimentary facies, stratigraphic architectures, and geomorphology of fjords and fjord-lakes of Québec-Labrador. She completed her Masters degree in geosciences at Université Laval by studying the paleoseismological archives in mass-movement deposits in lakes of south central Québec.

Annie-Pier is currently a member of the Marine Geoscience Laboratory. She has participated in multiple fieldtrips to northeastern America (Québec, Labrador and the Canadian arctic) and northern Europe (the Baltic Sea). Through these opportunities, Annie-Pier acquired hydro-acoustic data such as high-resolution multibeam bathymetry and acoustic sub-bottom profiles while onboard the CCGS Amundsen, RV Louis-Edmond-Hamelin, and Maria S. Merian.

About the Image

The high-resolution bathymetric data of Lake Mékinac was acquired using a Kongsberg GeoSwath Plus Compact interferometric bathymetric sonar for the depths between 5m to 80m, and a Reson Seabat 8101 for the depths reaching more than 80m. The data was processed in HIPS and SIPS.

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